4 Ways to Use Your Virtual Tours for Lead Generation


Virtual tours can be a great way to grow your business. They allow you to show off your office and put potential clients at ease. If you are not sure if virtual tours are suitable for you, here are five ways you can use them in lead generation:

Share on social media

Social media is a great way to share your virtual tour with potential customers, whether you’re a realtor, homebuilder, or other residential professionals.

Unlike traditional marketing methods like email marketing and print media advertising that require the customer to act, social media allows you to put your virtual tour in front of them without asking anything in return. This can increase the number of people who see your virtual tour and ultimately convert into leads or sales.

inside of a leisure centre cafe

Send Via Email Campaigns

Email marketing can be a great way to reach many people, increase sales and build relationships with your customers. It is also an effective way to increase brand awareness. Email is likely the most-used form of communication in your industry, so it’s essential that you keep up with what your audience wants from emails if you want them to engage with yours.

Track Metrics to Optimise Lead Generation

You can track metrics to optimise lead generation. Not all metrics are created equal, so choosing the right ones will help you understand what is working and not working with your virtual tours is essential.

For example, if you want to know how many people are viewing a given tour and then click on the postcard or call-to-action button at the end of that tour, use data from Google Analytics or another analytics tool.

Incorporate Virtual Tours into Your Sales Process

There are many ways to incorporate virtual tours into your sales process, from creating a walkthrough before the showing to using it as an incentive for customers to make an offer. The most common way is adding it as part of your listing so you can use it as a lead generator and increase sales.

Since virtual tours are increasingly becoming popular, potential buyers often check out listings with them before contacting agents or brokers. A buyer’s agent will also look at these tour images when deciding whether or not they want their clients to view the property in person or if they should pass on this listing.

aerial view of a virtual tours

Virtual tours are a great way to grow your business

Virtual tours can be an easy way to increase sales, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Virtual tours also have benefits beyond just what is happening online. For example, they help you to retain customers by building trust and loyalty with your company. They can also drive new business through referrals from past clients!

Digital twin marketing is one of he most effective online marketing tools available today because they let potential buyers see your home from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of their mouse or tap on their smartphone screens.

This can be especially helpful for properties that are difficult to show due to distance or accessibility challenges (such as houses on hillsides). In other words: Virtual Tours give potential buyers something tangible that feels real enough, so they feel comfortable making buying decisions without visiting themselves, no matter where they’re located!


Virtual tours are a powerful tool for lead generation. They allow you to take your customers on a tour of your business, showcase products and services in action, and educate potential clients about what makes you unique-all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

But if you’re considering virtual tours for sales purposes, remember that your team can use them in many ways besides showing off product features! For instance, some businesses like utility companies or construction firms use virtual tours as part of their sales process by sending out email campaigns with links to virtual tours, which customers can click through before calling customer service representatives with questions about billing issues.

Other companies find that sharing these interactive media files on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter helps them reach new audiences who might not know much about what they do yet but would be interested based on what they see online today.

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